About Cinnasol

A newly developed eco-friendly, biodegradable cleaning solution using Cinnamon leaf oil and other natural plant based oils, the brand Cinnasol was born. With Cinnamon oil sourced locally, we are proud to introduce highly value-added range of Cinnamon cleaning products and continue developing new products. 

Cinnasol requires zero dilution with water, therefore less lather and wastage as a by-product; better for the environment and easier when cleaning. Only our floor cleaner might require dilution with water to reduce the strength of the solution before mopping. If preferred you can use at full strength straight out the bottle.

No harsh chemicals, bleaching agents and volatile chemicals being used, allowing Cinnasol products to be used in any environment.

Multi-Surface Cleaner

Suitable for wood, laminate, and stainless steel surfaces.

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Alloy Wheel Cleaner

Suitable for alloy wheels.


Oven Cleaner

Suitable for ovens.


Window/Glass Cleaner

Suitable for windows, mirrors and glass top surfaces.

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Floor Cleaner

Suitable for all floor surfaces.

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Screen Cleaner

Suitable for all digital screens.

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Dish Wash Cleaner

Suitable for all glassware, cutlery, tableware and cooking utensils.


Bathroom Cleaner

Suitable for wall tiles, faucets, bath tubs and shower heads.


Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Suitable for Toilet Bowls only.


Refill your Cinnasol solution

You can help to maintain a greener living environment by reducing single use Plastic. Our Cinnasol range is refillable, and reusable. Reuse and Recycling are encouraged in our business from the ground up and take great emphasis on supplying bulk containers to manage deliveries and CO2 emissions.