Multi-Surface Cleaner

We would like to introduce our revolutionary 100% Natural Multi-surface cleaner for your cleaning requirement. The cleaner does not use any harsh or toxic chemicals or bleaching agents, only use biodegradable plant ingredients, enhancing natural cleaning properties.

Made by maximising the anti-microbial properties of Ceylon Cinnamon Leaf Oil, our Cinnasol Multi-surface cleaner does not require any water during the usage, no dilution or rinsing off; spray the cleaning solution and wipe clean with a micro fibre cloth.

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Heavy-duty Multi-Surface Cleaner with a Lovely Fragrance of Cinnamon. Removes dirt, grime and stains.

Main advantages of our product are

  • Uses no water or steam during usage.
  • Heavy duty cleaner tough on grease and dirt.
  • Does not discharge any toxic effluent to the environment.
  • No rinsing off is necessary during cleaning thus saving time and energy.
  • No toxic fumes are release to the environment hence no hazardous working environment.
  • Can be used on any surfaces and leaves surface sparkling clean and hygienic.


Ceylon True Cinnamon oil, Organically formulated alcohol and aqua.

Multi-Surface Cleaner

Suitable for wood, laminate, and stainless steel surfaces.


Refill your
Cinnasol solution

*Visit your local vendor to continue using Cinnasol.

Currently available at Good Market
and Just Goodness in Sri Lanka.