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of Ceylon Cinnamon Exported

We at Homins are striving for new concepts and developments to add value to our Cinnamon produce.

Naturality at your fingertips
Boost your health

Be more educated about Ceylon Cinnamon, the benefits, and uses of the spice in your daily life. Click the Link Below!

Highly dedicated Cinnamon plantation company concentrating on nature friendly cultivation without using any pesticides and synthetic fertilisers for our plantation, hence avoiding any harmful additives to our products.

With the re-plantation of our Cinnamon Estates following more scientific procedures we expect to gain higher yields.

As always concentration on new developments, our Directors had developed a revolutionised solution for cleaning purposes using Cinnamon Leaf Oil and the CINNASOL brand was born.

With our Cinnamon we are proud to introduce highly value added range, and keep developing new products continuously.

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